Giovanni Randi spa owes its name to the group founder who, in the late sixties, started the production of tartaric acid and its salts.

Wishing to widen his field of activity, Giovanni Randi, after some corporate experiences, expanded and consolidated his presence in the sector with the construction of a plant in Australia, in 1991, for the production of tartaric acid and a second one in California, in 1992, for the production of cream of tartar. They were both located in areas where wine production had not been linked so far to activities of by-product processing.

Upon Mr. Randi's death in 1993, his family carried on and increased the activity, according to the founder's guidelines, by building a plant in Santa Rosa Argentina for the production of calcium tartrate obtained from wine by-products and designated to supply the raw material to the Italian plants.
At the end of '96 the purchase of Villapana in Faenza, a distillery with production of Tartaric Acid - as wished and negotiated together with a friend and assistant, the lawyer Pietro Pitrelli - widened the group's Italian production range.

Today the group is definitely a leading one in the field of 'tartaric acid' and can count on a high percentage of calcium tartrate produced in its own Italian, Australian and Argentine distilleries, while still being an important customer for the European producers of calcium tartrate.

It is also one of the few worldwide manufacturers of cream of tartar and other tartaric acid salts: its presence in California, in addition to Italy, assures the group a major position on the international market.